How to get to La Rochelle

By road

  • Paris: 467 km (less than 5 hour journey, access by the A10 motorway, exit 33 – Charente-Maritime La Rochelle)
  • Nantes: 146 km (1h30 journey, international airport)
  • Bordeaux: 180 km (2h journey, international airport)
  • Cognac : 100 km
  • Toulouse: 400 km
  • Lyon: 650 km
  • Marseille : 825 km
  • Strasbourg: 950 km

By Plane


Rue du Jura – 17000 La Rochelle – Tel:+33(0)5 46 42 30 26

The Airport of La Rochelle-Ré is situated within a 5-min drive of the Atlantic Port of La Rochelle and less than 10 mins from the city centre. Business aviation and VIP reception desk, taxis, regular bus services, car rental. 200 capacity paid-parking.
La Rochelle Airport’s website


Direct domestic flights (itineraries and trip duration):

  • Paris Orly – La Rochelle: 0h55 (flights all year round)
  • Lyon – La Rochelle: 1h55 (flights all year round)
  • Ajaccio – La Rochelle: 2h (flights from April to September)


Direct international flights (itineraries and trip duration):

  • Brussels Charleroi – La Rochelle: 1h30 (flights from March to October)


Direct international flights (itineraries and trip duration):

  • Cork – La Rochelle: 1h10 (flights from May to July)
  • Dublin – La Rochelle: 1h50 (flights from March to October)


Direct international flights (itineraries and trip duration):

  • Porto – La Rochelle: 2h (flights from April to October)


Direct international flights (itineraries and trip duration):

  • Bristol – La Rochelle: 1h20 (flights from May to September)
  • Birmingham – La Rochelle: 1h35 (flights from May to September)
  • Edinburg – La Rochelle: 2h (flights from June to August)
  • East Midlands – La Rochelle: 1h30 (flights from March to October)
  • Leeds Bradford – La Rochelle: 1h45 (flights from May to September)
  • London Stansted – La Rochelle: 1h25 (flights all year round)
  • London Gatwick – La Rochelle: 1h35 (flights from July to September)
  • Manchester – La Rochelle: 1h55 (flights from May to September)
  • Southampton – La Rochelle: 1h20 (flights from March to October)


Direct international flights (itineraries and trip duration):

  • Geneva – La Rochelle: 1h20 (flights from June to August)

Worth knowing: Business Aviation and VIP reception

AEROLUXE is a company specialized in private flight management offering services in catering, hotel booking, luxury car rental, taxis, etc.

Aéroport de La Rochelle 17000 La Rochelle / Tel: +33(0)6 67 19 00 0

Contact: – Catering dept: – Opération h 24:

By train (TGV)


Place Pierre Sémard – 17000 LA ROCHELLE – Tel : 36 35  – SNCF website

  • Paris Montparnasse – La Rochelle: La Rochelle: 3 h journey (6 trains a day)
  • Other direct destinations from major surrounding cities (Bordeaux, Poitiers, Tours, Toulouse…)

By sea

Marine navigation from the French Navy’s Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department (SHOM):

Large scale charts:

  • 7404: from “La pointe du Grouin du Cou” to “La pointe de Chassiron / Pertuis Breton and Pertuis d’Antioche”
  • 7405: from La Rochelle to “la Pointe de La Coubre – Ile d’Oléron”ron

Small scale charts:

  • 7412: Ile de Ré (Ré Island) – “Fier d’Ars to la Flotte”
  • 7413 : Aroud La Rochelle
  • 7414: from Aix island to “Pertuis de Maumusson – Coureau d’Oléron”
  • 7415: End of the river “La Charente (Aix Island)”


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